Finding the perfect person to speak at your event isn’t easy. Please use this page to learn a little more about me and if I would be able to assist your organization in any way. I have presented and spoke dozens and dozens of times in my career, including at events, on national television, via radio broadcasts, and live web-casts.  Eastern Iowa business people, entrepreneurs, and leaders allow me to introduce ideas having to do with marketing technology and productivity topics. I speak on an array of topics but all with a focus of getting our work done faster and better, often with the use of innovative systems and technology.

Why Me?

  • I’m a marketing technologist with years of business, marketing, and web development experience
  • I mesh business strategy, technology, and corporate savvy with entrepreneurial passion to provide solutions to clients’ problems
  • I have done extensive work developing web-based solutions and brands for small business, non-profits, start-ups, and legacy organizations
  • I have a passion for productivity and efficiency on both the individual and organizational levels


Speaking page - Entrepreneurialism

Taking the Leap – A step by step process to Entrepreneurialism: Learn from me, a newly birthed entrepreneur, Marketing Technologist, & founder of McNary Marketing & Design LLC. I share the methodical and purposeful way I approached the transition from a comfortable corporate position to being my own boss.

Speaking Page - Inbox Zero

Taking Your Inbox From Ridiculous to Inbox Zero: A discussion of Inbox Zero and how to get your inbox under control using David Allen’s GTD methods and borrowing from Merlin Mann’s advocacy of Inbox Zero.

Speaking Page - Marketing and Sales

Marketing & Sales – There’s a Difference: This talk is an overview of the concepts of marketing and sales. This is important to our discussion of marketing budgets because you’ll want to think about these two function with eyes wide open when considering your budget for marketing. Budgeting for marketing (& sales) starts with understanding the varied roles, goals, and budget authority of each have to influence the eventual goal of closing sales.

Speaking page - Hack your Productivity

Hack Your Productivity & Get More Done: Are you buried by the crushing weight of endless emails, meetings, tasks, projects, and goals at both work and home? Having a system in place to identify your goals, manage your projects, collect your tasks, wrangle your calendar, and act on those tasks leads to less stress and more productivity. This session will help you identify the task system best for you and provide tips as to how to best make use of your precious time.

Speaking page - Task Management

Time Management – 4 Quadrants, Prioritizing, Tasks, & Tools: This presentation attempts to describe various tactics from experience with Covey’s 7 Habits task management system and how to best think about your time.


I grew up near Cleveland, Ohio, and attended college at Ohio University in Athens. Before graduating with a degree in Political Science, I completed three years in OU’s exceptional Visual Communications program which landed me an internship and then job working as Director of Marketing for a non-profit near Washington, D.C. After meeting and marrying my Iowa-native wife while in D.C., we moved back to Cedar Rapids, Iowa to settle down and raise a family.

As a Marketing Technology expert and owner of McNary Marketing & Design LLC, I mesh business strategy, technology, and corporate savvy with entrepreneurial passion to provide solutions to clients’ problems. After over a decade of working in non-profit and then the corporate world, I act on my knowledge about business, marketing, design, and web development to help business, start-ups, and organizations. I have done extensive work developing brands, marketing workflows, and business solutions.

Outside of my marketing technology work, I’m a family man, proud Midwesterner, productivity ninja, computer geek, and past political hack. I enjoy being a dad, spending time with my family, being active in my community, continually learning and reading, studying theology and my commitment to confessional Lutheran Christianity, following my beloved (yet downtrodden) Cleveland Browns and Indians, and watching and playing ice hockey.

Want to see me in action?

I am a regular on WMT 600 Radio. Check out my Media Page for show audio and transcripts.

Or you can check out my 1 Million Cups presentation.