An exceptional marketing, business, and technical professional, Joshua McNary [Beta] creatively communicates organizational brand messages, makes companies more effective via action, and develops web-based strategies to help businesses grow through his varied skill set.

Ethic & Vision

Joshua is a respected professional due to his proven forthright and hard-working nature. Honest, loyal, and dedicated are a few terms co-workers, friends, and family use when describing their interaction with him. In addition, Joshua uses his paradigm of the world and business to generate divergent solutions, while accounting for real-world factors to be overcome while pushing ventures forward.


Marketing Technologist & Founder

McNary Marketing & Design LLC / Cedar Rapids, Iowa / 2006-Present
As a Marketing Technology expert, McNary Marketing & Design LLC’s Joshua McNary meshes business strategy, technology, and corporate savvy with entrepreneurial passion to provide solutions to clients’ problems. After over a decade of working in nonprofit and then the corporate world, Joshua has collected actionable knowledge about business, marketing, design, and web development which can help small- and medium-sized business, non-profits, start-ups, and organizations. He has done extensive work developing brands, marketing workflows, and business solutions. This often takes the form of helping clients develop marketing materials, sales and lead generation processes, interactive websites, and business plans. His most valued selling point is how he work alongside of clients in an honest and ethical way to help them grow. Learn more…

Director of Corporate Development / Marketing Manager

Aerial Services, Inc. (ASI) / Cedar Falls, Iowa / 2007-2014
Joshua’s work began with rebranding the then stale brand, providing consistent messaging, strategy, and oversight. Efforts included asset creation, campaign development, web design/optimization, proposal creation, and many other roles. The company showed growth, in parallel with these efforts, leading to the company’s inclusion in the Inc. 5000 in 2009. Midterm during his tenure, Joshua was heavily involved with an internal start-up (SpatialCloud) focused on using cloud computing for geospatial content distribution via a user friendly web interface. He assisted with business strategy and vision, marketing support, and web interface design. The intellectual property of the project was folded back into the company’s mainline technologies, but the business model was later validated with similar services created by tech-giants like Google. Throughout, his trusted judgment allowed him to be an important advisor to company ownership and upper management with regards to business improvements, new opportunities, managerial issues, and corporate goals.

Director of Marketing / Program Manager / Intern Scholar

Young America’s Foundation / Herndon, Virginia / 2001-2006
After interning and proving his skill set as a student, the non-profit extended an offer for Joshua to join as a Program Officer with an emphasis on marketing the organization. After spending time assisting with print/web material creation, fundraising collateral, and marketing coordination, he became a Director with a focus on branding and messaging. These efforts included the redesign and implementation of a new quarterly magazine format newsletter, website user interface improvement campaign, and brand consistency efforts. During his tenure, and in part because of his branding/marketing efforts, the organization’s revenue went from $8.4 million in 2001 to $18.0 million in 2008. In addition, Joshua also headed event planning of a number of large conferences with 500+ attendees, aided with creative ideas for annual programmatic initiatives, and appeared as a company representative dozens of times on stage, radio, and television.


Ohio University / Athens, Ohio / 1999-2003

BA, Political Science; Secondary concentration, Visual Communications


  • Marketing Strategy / Successful strategist & budgeter.
  • CRM & Leads / Tactical & high-level planning for prospect management.
  • Public Relations / Handy at writing for press needs/partnering with media.
  • Public Speaking / Comfortable in front of a crowd.
  • Managing People / Has mentored one to a dozen direct reports.
  • Meeting Planning / Able to pull off effective large & small events, live & online.
Corporate Developer
  • Business Leadership / Business strategist, advocate, & thinker.
  • Visioning/Strategy / Forward thinking, yet practical.
  • Strategic Planning / Headed number of planning exercises.
  • Strategic Partnerships / Strategist, participant, planner, & fulfiller of partner operations.
  • Management Mediation / Knows how to help people work together.
  • Emerging Tech / Always up on “what’s next” & its real world applicability.
  • Web Design / Passion for usable, functional, & visually appealing websites.
  • Graphic Design / Knows how to make professional visuals.
  • HTML & CSS / Began HTML programming in early days of the “World Wide Web”.
  • WordPress & CMS / Able to implement a number of CMS systems.
  • Podcasting/Audio / On-air, editing guru, or get audio on iTunes.
  • Photography / Studied visual communications as student & eye for visuals.
  • Geospatial Solutions / Develops mapping tools via visioning, planning, and/or coding.