CRM 101: Setting yourself up for success with contact relationship management

It’s easy to get drawn in by the siren songs of CRM (contact relationship management) tools. They promise greater efficiency, better data, and best of all, more sales – who doesn’t want that? But many startups and small businesses stumble when getting started with a CRM. Analysis paralysis can prevent them from getting started, or […]

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Reflecting on a summer interning at Vault

Working with the next generation can be a win-win For the past two years, McNary Marketing and Design has been able to work with high school students as summer interns through Kirkwood Community College’s Workplace Learning Connection program. (Other areas might have similar programs – check your local community college.) This year we were lucky […]

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Time management is key. Photo via Pexels.

App we like:

Make the most of time spent with work and family As many of you know, Joshua is borderline obsessive about productivity and time management. It’s an effort to maximize the most important and limited resource we have on this earth, and to get the most out of time spent with both work and family. Digital clutter, […]

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Mission, vision and values – defined

Recently, we went through a process to formalize our mission, vision and values. In fact, it was the first time we’ve actually written these things down. Throughout the history of McNary Marketing and Design, we’ve always had goals and direction informed by Joshua’s experience, expertise, and desire to build a business that complements the life of the […]

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Help the customer always BE right.

The old saying that “the customer is always right” is hard to accomplish. The implied outcome is business will bend (within reason, of course) to cater to the needs or wants of the consumer so as not to lose them. In the world of brick and mortar, this meant avoiding the possibility of the customer […]

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Thinking Mobile

It’s not news (we hope) that mobile technology rules the day. If you expect success, you simply must incorporate mobile web functionality into your business model. That may be an app, a mobile-optimized website, both or even a combination of primarily mobile-minded strategies. Be mobile-minded. Too often, we see a strategy employed where a mobile version […]

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