SEO, PPC, optimization, oh my!

Imagine you’ve just finished the next iteration of your website, the perfect representation of your business in bits and bytes. One thing: How do you expect your future customers to find it? This might seem like a silly question, but we see too many small business owners sitting back and expecting customers to magically stumble […]

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You wouldn't leave your belongings unlocked - don't leave your WordPress site open to security issues, either. (Image via Pexels)

Keep your WordPress site safe: Do these quick things today

Boost your WordPress site’s security now to prevent massive headache later No one wants to think about hackers, server crashes, security breaches or simply dumb user errors that can endanger your website. But if you’ve put the time into building your online presence on WordPress, it’s worth taking the time to protect it. WordPress is usually very […]

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We are hiring: WebDev Ops Manager

Do you have base skills in web development and project management while also looking for a huge growth opportunity with a growing business? Heck yes?! You’ll want to read on… What is this Opportunity? As a part of McNary Marketing, you’ll be working with a team of Marketing Technology innovators filling the needs of today’s […]

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Top productivity tools for 2017

Tech tools to start 2017 off right

It’s a new year, so the season for dreaming, goal setting and planning is upon us. As productivity geeks, we love charting out a vision, identifying tasks and ultimately, checking them off the list. Of course, many of the memorable successes in any given year come from the people we surround ourselves with, the opportunities […]

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#Flood2016 showed the best of Cedar Rapids

When faced with a flood, Cedar Rapids banded together It’s not often that you get to fight Mother Nature and win. But that’s what happened in Cedar Rapids in the last week of September. As floodwaters approached a near-historic crest, the entire city mobilized to protect homes and businesses. It truly showed the best of […]

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