Carving out collaborative spaces for non-profits

  Over the last few years, collaborative spaces (like the one the McNary team calls home base many days) have popped up everywhere from major cities to smallish towns. These spots promise—and usually deliver—a great place to not only start up, but network, build business, and expand from a couple of entrepreneurs with some laptops […]

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Does Your Business Need a Jolt?

If you are anything like me, when you first wake up in the morning, your body isn’t quite fully awake. It takes getting out of bed, stretching, a good shower, and probably a strong cup of coffee before you are feeling fully ready to take on the day. After that first caffeine boost, my body […]

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AAF Joshua Speaking

How can you use Digital & Social marketing? ∙ my talk at AAF CR-IC Education Day 2015

On April 7,2015 I spoke to student in Cedar Rapids, Iowa as part of AAF: CR-IC EDUCATION DAY. The event paired upcoming area students with Eastern Iowa’s marketing professionals to learn, meet, and share ideas regarding our craft. I was asked to “wake up” the students with the opening talk titled “DIGITAL MARKETING MATTERS”. I […]

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Email privacy loophole has an easy fix

I recently wrote a post for The Gazette on loopholes in email (and other electronic communications) privacy and the need for reform. Here’s a short excerpt: The act’s authors didn’t imagine people would have a reason or the means to store email longer than 180 days. Relatively few people used email in 1986, and those […]

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